You can do a shit load of cool stuff in 30 hours..


Here's an opportunity to have a great recording experience at an affordable price. Here's how it works.

Friday Afternoon/Eve: Load in, set up and do line checks, levels and headphone mixes. We'll work on getting the instruments tuned up and getting everything sounding good.

Saturday: The long day. In the morning we'll do a quick check to make sure levels and headphone mixes are still good and off we go. Expect a solid day and night of recording.

Sunday: Finish any recording and do some editing and final mix.

Sounds Easy Right?

In truth it's as easy as you make it. Being well prepared and using your time wisely is key plus we'll guide you through your weekend project and consult and help plan things out before the session.


Here's some helpful tips...

  • Practice, practice, practice...then rehearse. Think of these sessions as more taking a polaroid then painting a portrait. Have all your arrangements and songs worked out.

  • Spiff up your instruments. Replace any dead strings, drum heads and sticks. Test out your amps and gear to make sure they are free from any buzzes or problems that could delay the session.

  • Make a realistic goal of how many songs can be done in 30 hours. The more complex and or unrehearsed the songs are...the longer they take. 

  • Brings snacks and drinks. 

You can also use these sessions to spring board into a larger project. Few weekends and a band can have a nice album out. 

Find out more about the Weekend Recording Package.

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