The Gear

The recording rig produces a rich sound using a combination of Focusrite dual stage pre amps with digital I/O and an Allen & Heath mixing console. Both perfectly matched with classic British sound.

Paradise Sound Studio

Set up as a split console, the first 16 inputs of the mixer goes out to the Focusrite I/O and into the computer for recording. On playback from the computer the 16 outputs comes back through the Focusrites and into the 16 channels on the right side of the mixer. 

Digital and analog processing and effects can be inserted on any input and track both in the computer and on the analog mixer making a nice digital / analog hybrid recording system. Tracks can be either mixed in the computer or bussed out to channels on the mixer allowing a traditional mixdown through the mixer back into the computer, reel to reel tape, DAT or another recording medium of your choice.


Recording Console: Allen & Heath GL2200 – 40 Channel Analog Mixer with 4 groups, 6 aux sends, 4 band classic British EQ and 4 stereo returns.  

Mic Pres: 32 Allen & Heath low noise mic preamps with extended 74dB gain range with massive headroom able to deal with the widest range of signals right up to 34dBu. 16 Focusrite dual stage mic preamps ensure low noise and distortion, Dual Channel ART MPAII Tube Mic Pre.

Computer I/O: Focusrite Pro 40 x 2 provides 40 inputs and 40 outputs to the computer. Features excellent high quality digital conversion ensuring pristine sound quality as audio flows between the analog and digital domains.

Recording Software: Steinberg Nuendo, Sony Sound Forge.

Recorders: I7-2600k 3.4gig Intel Computer with 32 gigs of ram.  Teac A7300 2 Track Reel to Reel Mastering Deck and a Tascam DA30 MKII DAT Recorder.

Monitoring: Mackie HR624 active speakers with passive radiators, THX compliant paired to a Klipsch KW120 THX subwoofer. JBL E20 Reference Monitors.

PA System: The PA and monitors can be run by the big Allen & Heath mixer or a smaller Mackie 1604 mixer. The speakers by ElectroVoice consists of two Way 800 watt SH-1810H-ER tops and SH-1810L-ER Subs all powered by Crown CE1000 power amps, , EV XEQ-2 processing and EV2710 EQ's with up to six floor monitor mixes provided by EV AP2600 amps. Monitors are equipped with DBX 231 EQ's.


House System: Features multiple speaker configurations around the room for 5.1 and multi zones all feeding ElectroVoice and JBL speaker sets.

Headphone Mixes: Multiple headphone mixes can be sent around the room via headphone amps and mixers.

Analog Processing: 16 Compressors with dynamic gating and two side chain inserts on each of the 16 channels via two Presonus ACP 88's, NEI Real Time Analyzer, Symetrix SX208 stereo compressor and Alesis 3630 stereo compressor.

Analog Effects: Lexicon LXP15 Classic Multifx, Alesis Midiverb II, Alesis Nanoverb.

Digital Plugins: Abbey Road Reverb Plates and TG Mastering Chain. API 550A and 560 EQ, Sonalksis  SV-512 and Scheps 73 Equalizers. Compression by CLA76, DPR 402, DBX 160, Waves C6 Multiband and PSP Vintage Warmer. Various effects include H-Verb, Abbey Road, Slate Virtual Mix Rack and Lexicon PSP42. These are a few favorites that are being used at the moment. Many more are loaded in the DAW.

Microphones: Warm Audio Fet 47, Beta 52, PVM520, AKG D112, Sennheiser e604 x3, Audio Technica AT4031 x2, Audio Technica 835B Shotgun Mic, Audio Technica AT873R x2, Shure SM58 x3, Shure SM57 x2, Rode K2, Rode NT5x2, Rode NT3, Rode NT6, AKG Perception 200 and a custom sub kick mic. We have access to many more mics.

Video: Three Logitech C920 HD cameras on small rig mounts with active extensions allow for high quality video to be streamed and recorded from anywhere in the studio at any angle. Cameras all tie into their own custom computer with on the fly camera switching, streaming and recording. Aside from the multiple light trusses we also supplement with a few extra softbox lights. For shits n giggles we also have several backdrops and a large green screen.

Vance Dylan our in house producer & engineer brings over 30 years of award winning experience to your project. For more info visit


Who Runs All This Stuff?