Although streaming music services are great for getting your music out there to the world, it's the shits for making any money from it. It's also a lot of legwork and cost in distributing your music. We hope to help out by being another avenue to distribute your music through a secure online store. Here's a few features...


Safe & Secure Shopping

Customers can shop with confidence knowing their online purchase is safe and secure with the latest 128 bit encryption using a professional eCommerce platform.

Accept Most Credit Cards, Debit, Pay Pal and Email Money Transfers

We make it easier to accept most forms of payment in today's growing online world.

Digital & Physical Products

Sell your bands digital downloads or your CD and vinyl.


Non Exclusive

The more places you can sell your music the better, we don't hold exclusivity over your music sales online.

Here's How It works.

We aim to keep it as simple as possible for everyone so here's how we have it operating at present.

  • We sell your digital album and physical CD/Vinyl.

  • We take 10% off the top of each purchase.

  • We store your digital products securely on our store server. As one of your products sells, the customer can download it immediately. We send a notification showing a sale. We send you any payments monthly along with sales reports.

  • If it's a physical CD/Vinyl you keep them at home. We let you know when a copy has been purchased by sending you a notification with the customers info and shipping address. You send the product to the customer and we send you the payment with money for shipping along with your monthly report.

That's pretty much it. Pretty simple right. 


Better Than Most Online Consignment Stores

Having sold many sound effects over the years online using a consignment type agreement I think this simple idea works well. With other stores similar to this they will want up to 35% of your sales, only pay every few months and be months behind in payments. This is easier and faster! 

Contact us to start selling your music online.

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