$30hr (4 hrs min) / $250 Day (10 hrs max)

Take advantage of the large live room and our mix of digital and analog gear. From one offs, demos, ep's to full out albums. Record live off the floor with ease. We're able to record in many different styles that suite you.


$100 per song

Already have tracks recorded but want a professional mix? We can certainly take your music to the next level with over 30 years of mixing experience. You can bring your tracks and files in or send em to us online. 


$60 per song

Take your mixes to the next level by having us master your project. We can enhance the sonic elements in your songs and make your music sound great on any playback system across all platforms using EQ and tonal balancing. We'll have your music ready for digital streaming and sales by encoding your IRSC and UPC codes into the files that become a digital fingerprint for your music. Have the tunes radio ready with properly encoded meta data that radio station software relies on. We've got the tools and the experience in getting your music sounding professional, cohesive and competitive. 


Now more than ever live streaming is being used to reach your fan base and we're ready to connect you with your audience.  We have multiple HD Cams for unique shots of the band, High Quality Stereo Audio via our studio gear and are able to stream right to your fan page via Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and many more platforms. Contact us to get started. 

Alternately we can multitrack your performance and mix it down for a super pro sound and look complete with graphics. 

We accept cash, email money transfer, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover

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