Sonic Solutions - TV3-117 Sound Pack

Sonic Solutions - TV3-117 Sound Pack


Compatible with FSX, FSX-SE & P3D


Sonic Solutions is proud to present the Klimov TV3-117 sound pack for FSX. The Klimov TV3-117 is a Russian gas turbine aero engine. It is used in most medium lift, utility, and attack helicopters designed by the Mil and Kamov design bureaus. The TV3-117 turboshaft engine was developed in 1974. Later the Klimov TV3-117 was installed on 95% of all helicopters designed by Mil and Kamov Engineering Centre. The engine has been produced in many variants.


This sound pack works for single and dual engine helicopters such as Mi-24 Hind, Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, Mi-28, KA-27, KA-29, KA-32 and KA-50.

Designed and tested using several payware and freeware Mil Mi-24 Hinds, Mil Mi-8 and a Kamov KA-32 this pack works great even with FS9 port overs to FSX.


Features Include:

  • 48k 16bit Resolution – HD just isn't a buzzword's a standard.
  • Designed with many layers using 3D Sound Cone technology.
  • Includes all sounds for exterior and interior engines.
  • Sounds for animations such as canopy exits and gear.
  • Start up and shutdown sequences all accurately represented.
  • Expertly designed to avoid phasing, common in many poorly designed multi engines.
  • Compatible with many Russian Helicopters using the TV3-117 engine.
  • Quick and friendly customer support.


You may also need to change the engine type of your aircraft to 3=Heli Turbine in your aircraft cfg.


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