Sonic Solutions - Sound Design Toolkit II

Sonic Solutions - Sound Design Toolkit II


194 Sounds in 10 categories tailored for flight sim development. Use these sounds in your audio and video productions, scenery and more. You can use these sounds in your project be it payware or freeware. These sounds have been re-edited from the original recordings and Alchemy™ sessions and remastered for optimal use and quality in MP3 format.


This library is royalty free which means you don't have to pay any usage fees after your initial purchase nor are you restricted to the type of product this is used in or the number of units sold. The only restriction is that you may not resell this library.


  • Aircraft - 24 sounds including flybys, taxi, landing jets and prop aircraft.
  • Animals - 20 sounds with Wolves, Wing Flaps, Birds, Sheep, Loons distant dogs and cows.
  • Ambience - 20 Sounds including Inside and outside terminal, tarmac, city and forest ambience.
  • Fire - 10 Sounds small and large forest fires and explosions.
  • Radio Calls - 30 ATC Calls with radio processing.
  • Rain & Thunder - 10 sounds including various Rain and surfaces with close and distant thunder.
  • Water - 10 Sounds with steams, rivers, ocean and lake. Also includes a Foghorn.
  • Wind - 10 wind sounds for all intensities and includes banner/flag flap.
  • Vehicles - 10 sounds with train, forklift, skid and military vehicles.
  • Production Elements - 50 sounds for video and audio productions with sweeps, powerups,bursts and hits.

Please Note: On the final payment page you'll be directed to my studio payment page called Paradise Sound Studio. Don't freak haven't been hijacked. Paradise Sound Studio is my music production company and it shares my online store with Sonic Solutions.

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