Sonic Solutions - Extra 300 Sound Pack

Sonic Solutions - Extra 300 Sound Pack


Compatible with FSX, FSX-SE & P3D


Sonic Solutions is pleased to present the Extra 300 sound pack for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D.


Originally recorded in 2010 at the Redbull Air Race in Windsor, Canada after a Pit Lane Walk meet and greet. These recordings of various Lycoming IO-540 aircraft have now been expertly edited, mixed, mastered and implemented by award winning sound designer Vance Dylan.


This angry little sound pack is big on sound yet small on price and is compatible with any extra 300 or similar aircraft that uses the IO-540 engine, even port overs to FSX.


Features include: 16bit/48k sound quality, Extensive use of multiple layers and 3D sound cones, Interior and exterior start, non combustion, all rpm ranges, prop, randomizing crashes, water crashes and wheel touches, prob buzz, canopy open and close, wind, over speed, AI sounds for multiplayer, Superb and professional mixing and implementation means very smooth transitions between start up, all rpm ranges through to shut down inside and out.


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Please Note: On the final payment page you'll be directed to my studio payment page called Paradise Sound Studio. Don't freak haven't been hijacked. Paradise Sound Studio is my music production company and it shares my online store with Sonic Solutions.

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