Sonic Solutions - DC3 Sound Pack

Sonic Solutions - DC3 Sound Pack


Compatible with FSX, FSX-SE & P3D


The 10th Aniversary of the Sonic Solutions DC3 75th Anniversary Sound Pack for FSX and P3D. You too can now enjoy this celebration through sound. Designed and tested with the default DC3 and compatable with many others, this pack features some great details such as an under maintained right engine at idle complete with sputters and fouls.

The sound pack features sound cones with many layers of sound to complete a rich sonic experience that is smooth as you rotate 360 degrees around the aircraft.Enjoy tower views and flybys as the DC3 roars past.Engines sound different from each other and do not suffer from phase issues as so many multi engine aircraft do. Something missing from the default DC3 is having the gear extend and retract sounds sync'd to the animations. This has all been re-designed and while in the cockpit you'll hear the right side lock slower than the left, all in stereo as it should be.

Other audio features include:

All original and authentic sounds in high quality 16bit-48Khz
Rattles and shake sounds when over speeding
Flaps and gear synced to animations
Tire impacts and touches
Ground roll with shakes and rattles as you gain speed
Occasional cockpit rattles at random RPM's
Includes AI sounds for multiplayer


Revive your old Douglas and take part in the DC3's 75th Anniversary with a celebration in sound.


View product video here.


Please Note: On the final payment page you'll be directed to my studio payment page called Paradise Sound Studio. Don't freak haven't been hijacked. Paradise Sound Studio is my music production company and it shares my online store with Sonic Solutions.

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