Sonic Solutions - DA20 Sound Pack

Sonic Solutions - DA20 Sound Pack


Compatible with FSX, FSX-SE & P3D


Vance Dylan of Sonic Solutions is proud to present the Diamond DA20 Sound Pack for FSX, FSX:SE & P3D.


Featuring all new and authentic audio recorded from a Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse on location at Cooking Lake Airfield, Edmonton, Alberta. 


Even though this sound pack is recorded from a C1 Eclipse using the IO240 engine, it fits well with the Rotax version and was developed and tested on the WS Simulation DA20 Eclipse C1 and the Digital Aviation Katana DA20. Never mind the purists, you'll want to put this pack on any DA20 you have, it sounds that good.


Beta testing was done with pilot Bernie Kindle, a Diamond DA20 Eclipse owner who stated "I was really surprised with the accuracy that Vance was able to duplicate with his sounds. The flaps, stall horn, the starting and shut down, all captured true to the real aircraft inside and out. I was really impressed with the tower and flyby views as I flew past, he's really nailed that great sound an aircraft has as it's flying away from you. Very impressive work, at times I forgot I was in flight sim."


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Bonus Behind the scenes video: Part 1 Part 2




Please Note: On the final payment page you'll be directed to my studio payment page called Paradise Sound Studio. Don't freak haven't been hijacked. Paradise Sound Studio is my music production company and it shares my online store with Sonic Solutions.

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