Sonic Solutions - Cessna 172 Sound Pack V2

Sonic Solutions - Cessna 172 Sound Pack V2


Compatible with FSX, FSX-SE & P3D


This sound pack was my very first one I produced and has now been updated in March 2020 with new audio.

The Sonic Solutions Cessna 172 sound pack pays tribute to one of aviations greatest little planes. Produced by award winning sound designer Vance Dylan, this sound pack has many unique features you won't find in any other cessna 172 let alone the stock FSX version.


Recorded from the actual aircraft at 24bit/48k and implemented in game at 16 bit/48k to ensure high fidelity. The result is clear punchy sounds with lots of dynamic range.



  • All new sounds for External and Internal
  • Starter and combustion start
  • Non Combustion sounds
  • Door opens and closes
  • Flaps
  • Directional prop wash on rear of plane
  • Sound cones on engine
  • Wing and fuse scrapes
  • randomizing wheel touch downs
  • randominzing crashes for land and water
  • Wheel rolls
  • unique engine sounds add sputter and back fire at certain RPMs
  • Interior rattles at high RPMs


Click here for product video.


Please Note: On the final payment page you'll be directed to my studio payment page called Paradise Sound Studio. Don't freak haven't been hijacked. Paradise Sound Studio is my music production company and it shares my online store with Sonic Solutions.

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