Live Events

From time to time we host live events. From workshops to intimate and interactive music performances to rock shows. 


Our in house PA supplies a few thousand watts if ever needed with six independent monitor mixes. Lighting is simple but abundant with over thirty lighting fixtures of par and pin spot lighting in multiple trusses in the ceiling along with a healthy collection of lava lamps. In house engineer is supplied.

We're an accredited venue with booking and ticketing agent  Side Door Access. They help connect performers and hosts to help create spectacular shows you won't see in a regular pub. Click here to visit our Side Door profile. Of course you can also inquire about performing at Paradise Sound Studio by contacting us. We also provide event insurance through Duuo Co-operators for our shows and events.

Audience Capacity : 20-30

PA & Lighting : Supplied with sound engineer

Backline : Some Available


Billeting : Not Available

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